Our Timber Craft 
Each timber project is delightfully unique. We approach them accordingly.
However, here's the normal steps each project (including yours) will go through as we take them from start to finish.
step 1
we talk
And listen. We want to hear your dreams—so we can make them come true.
step 2
We bring your project to the drawing board and provide you with drawings and 3D concepts as we finalize your project plans. And keep in mind, our no-hassle approach includes all charges for drafting and the engineer’s stamp fees.
step 3
select woods
We source and select local pine for your project, or upgrade to Douglas Fir or Red Cedar if you prefer. All species used are inspected to meet select, grade 1 lumber requirements and are rough-sawn or dressed, per your preference.

step 4
shop drawings
Based on your engineered plans, we develop a cut list and CAD drawings for each item in your frame. As you can imagine, this is the timber framer’s version of every craftsman’s rule, “measure twice, cut once.”
step 5
Each frame item is individually cut in our shop to its own specifications. Unlike many frame providers, we cut our beams by hand rather than CNC. This hand-crafted approach is part of the authentic timber tradition, and focuses on the workmanship and excellence of the craftsman. Our joinery style is predominately mortice and tenon, with the occasional dovetail. (Hidden metal connectors are only used in cases where required by engineering or design requirements.)
step 6
Staining matters. In fact, it can make all the difference in how your frame weathers and appears years from today. We're serious about stain that enhances, rather than diminishes, your frame's durability and beauty. »more about our stain process...
step 7
on site
Last, but best! We set up your frame on site, working with your general contractor and with crane support as needed. Each pre-fit piece is lifted into position, fully assembled on-site, and permanently joined with wood dowel joinery. When the frame is complete, we do a final inspection, including stain touch-up to ensure your investment is fully protected. Now, time to celebrate!